Herkules Crane

The mini crane is a unique solution for the high rise construction industry.

The CM215 is a mini crane. It can be easily disassembled, lifted on top of high-rise buildings, and then assembled again and be ready for work within a short time. The crane is electro-hydraulic powered, and comes complete with electric motor, hydraulic tank, safety valves on all cylinders as well as momentum limiting valve. The CM215 has already been on several job sites in New York City, saving the developers time and money. As you can see in the animation our mini crane does not require scaffolding or tie backs. It is simply lifted between floors as it constructs a building. Then it’s dismantled and sent back down the construction hoist. The crane is tested and approved for the NYC market. Crane MGM is the exclusive renter of the Herkules line of crane. We provide the crane and equipment to contractors in the Northeastern United States. 

A comparison of the Herkules Mini Crane to Tower Cranes. See for yourself why renting our mini crane is a better option than traditional tower cranes.
A comparison of the Herkules CM 215 with common tower cranes.

The Herkules CM215 is a faster, less expensive alternative to traditional tower cranes.
For building construction it is able to do the same job in a fraction of the time.
This mini crane is also NCCCO certified. While most tower cranes require a battery of permits to go up in the city,
the CM215 only needs an Alt-2. The manufacturer’s certification is the only requirement for the operator,
making it a much more widely accessible crane.

A comparison of our several mini cranes on the market. The CM215 is exempt from several permitting requirements due to it's max capacity and boom length.
A comparison between the Herkules CM 215 and some of the leading industry mini cranes.

When compared to other mini cranes, the Herkules CM 215
is faster and runs exclusively on electricity. Its max
capacity and boom extension exempt it from numerous permits
requirements. Crane MGM provides crane rental services
for high rise and residential construction.